The First Three Months

posted Aug 12, 2011, 8:54 AM by Second Career Society   [ updated Aug 12, 2011, 9:00 AM ]
Last weekend was orientation for the new 1L Weekend Program class, and this weekend is the first weekend of the new academic year. In 10 sentences or less, what advice would you give to the incoming 1Ls (or the returning upperclassmen) about the first three months of the academic year?
If you're starting to think that you might not be getting the material, it's time to go see (a) your professor and (b) academic support. If you wait until you know you aren't getting the material it's way too late. Read the cases - I know you're going to get study guides, you know you're going to get study guides, and the professors know you are going to get study guides, but use them as guides and still read the cases. Here's the news flash - study guides contain errors (they might have the parties reversed, they might associate the wrong fact with the wrong party, etc), so you are not on safe ground if you rely on them, you've got to read the cases - besides once you are out in practice, you are still going to have to read cases (without predigested summaries or study guides) so build that skill now.

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