Getting Involved (Without Getting Lost)

There are nearly 30 student organizations on campus, not to mention all the professional organizations clamouring to snap you up while you're a law student. Hear from alumni on how to choose where to invest your time (and potentially money) to move closer to your personal and professional goals.

Free is not Free

posted Jul 11, 2011, 12:38 PM by Second Career Society

Often, events are listed as "free to students" or "free for students." But really, is it free? If it's offered by the school or an office or organization associated with the school, chances are that it isn't free. In fact, you already paid for it! Your tuition and fees cover more than your classroom experience. Your tuition and fees create the budgets for the school and its offices and organizations which, in turn, put on the events.
Yes, time is money and you don't have time to attend every event you hear about. That's ok, I get it. All the same, look at what's offered and attend at least one a month. If you aren't, are you really getting your money's worth out of the school?
In addition to events, think about the services you may not be taking advantage of. The Academic Success Program talks about all the services and programs they host and provide that are free to students. There's that word again; let's rephrase that sentence: "The Academic Success Program talks about all the services and programs they host and provide that you already paid for." Counseling and Health Services on campus? Yep, not free but already paid for. Reference librarian services? Again, not free but already paid for (by you). Sure, schools get funding from other sources and your tuition is paying for your classroom experience (mostly). Yet, you're here and on campus, so now what?
Oh, right, wait, maybe you're a student in the Weekend Program. This doesn't apply to you then, right? Name a reason not to take advantage of the "free" services and events, and I'll name someone who worked around that same reason! (I dare you! Email with your reason; I'll take it on! Plus, I'll post the email and reply here, using first names only.)

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